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Agodi Prison Visit

Supply of food to prisoners in Agodi Prison, Ibadan, Oyo State, Nigeria.

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Donated Items

Supply of food storage items.

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The main aim of the Trust is the promotion in Nigeria of a fair penal treatment and reform that serves to drastically reduce the prison population to a manageable number where there will be efficient use of the scarce resources available to the prison authorities.

Essentially, a drastic reduction in the prison population will ensure that the prison infrastructure is substantially improved so as to enable the authorities to improve the conditions that the inmates inhabit.

Our main aim is to establish a process where we champion "crime prevention” and promote “a reformatory and radically preventive treatment of offenders”.

Testa-dura is focused on the promotion of reformatory strategies in the prison system and most importantly the abolition of capital punishment in Nigeria.

Testa Dura campaigns and stands for reform of the criminal justice system in Nigeria, particularly, the remand policy of inmates awaiting trial who now form a majority of the prison population.

We aim to provide legal aid for young people in custody, conducts research and run a variety of campaigns on vital issues concerning treatment of prisoners.

Testa-Dura is completely independent from government and relies essentially on voluntary donations from members and supporters.

The best way to support our work is to become a member and add your voice to our movement for change of the prison system and improve conditions.